Sexy Luxury Nurse 13 PCS Bondage Kit


11 months ago



Luxury Nurse 13 PCS Bondage Kit: The ultimate fantasy bondage set! Everything you need and more! This couple set includes 13 bondage items for endless possibilities. Everything you need and more! Click here to shop

Share the thrill of opening a mystery door each day with your lover to discover a sensual treat, with items for you, your lover and both of you.

Perfect for exploring new ways to play together, your Exotica Couples Fun Bondage & Toy Set can lead to many more blissful adventures beyond.

13 Pease Kit Set:

  • 2 X Handcuffs
  • 2x Ankle cuffs
  • Silicone ball gag
  • Sexy Mask
  • Long Leather Whip
  • Flogger
  • Collar
  • Leash
  • 2 x Nipple Clams
  • Rope

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