Blow Up Brunette Sex Doll


9 months ago



Victoria Blow-Up Sex Doll: Are you looking for an affordable quality blow-up sex doll?
Fully crafted from her face, she especially details with a pair of voluptuous realistic silicone breasts with real feel nipples.
This blow-up sex doll is so amazing and different from other inflatable dolls on the market. She comes in two different designs:
Design 1: Has a closed mouth, a realistic hole drawn on that can be used as a pussy or ass hole visually. Plunge into either to experience a realistic doll with full silicone breasts and wavy hair.
Design 2: Has an open mouth for oral stimulation, a realistic pussy and ass made from soft masturbation materials- an ultra-real feel material that makes her vagina and anal entries feel amazing. Plunge into either to experience a 7-inch depth that stretches with every thrust, massaging you with hundreds of intense pleasure nodules. She also comes with a pump and repair kit.
Please choose the design you want on top of the ” Add to Chart Button “
A gentleman always uses lube, so be sure to stock up on plenty of water-based lube from Adult Luxury.
  1. Lifelike inflatable love doll With silicone breasts for authentic play
  2. Breast Made of silicone, Soft perks, and breasts can be tweaked and fondled like the real thing
  3. 7” Textured realistic pussy and ass offer tight, lifelike sensations
  4. 2 Love holes to fill at any time
  5. Measures 5 feet 5 inches tall when inflated
  6. Flowing hair and delicate eyes and eyelashes add authenticity
  7. Body Material: PVC
  8. Breast Material: Silicone
  9. Vagina Material: TPE
  10. Size: 28*18*32.2 cm

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