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This super popular Air Suction Mastrubator ( Vagina) is a top choice for men for a reason. Firstly because of the automatic vacuum suction the mastrubator creates, secondly due to its orgasmic vibrations and thirdly because of the transparent look of the toy.

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What’s sexier then seeing your hard rock cock sliding in and out of this realistic vacuum chamber? For solo play or for couples to use together.

The matrubator has a vagina entrance with folds, ridges, and bumps like a real vagina inside. Combined with sucking motions as you thrust in and out this experience feels super realistic.

Guarantee to deliver mind blowing orgasms!

The material is 100% body safe and easy to clean and maintain.

How the vacuum suction works:

The airholes control the amount of air flow, and pass thru the channel outside the mastrubators main body this formulating a negative pressure air flow in the cup resulting in stretching and tightening off the channel.

  • It is 100% waterproof.
  • 17.5 cm x 6.4 cm / ONE SIZE FITS ALL SUPER STRETCHY

The mastrubator has a entrance to insert a bullet vibrator if you wish to ad one to your chart and vibe it up.


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