Gia Mastrubator


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Gia Mastrubator 

Master- Bot Automatic Telescopic Rotating Hands-Free Masturbator from the Gia Cup Collection has arrived

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This multi-function, automatic, rechargeable stroker is loaded with features for an incredible masturbation experience! The inner chamber is made of firm, stretchy rubber, lined with textured fingers to stroke you into ecstasy.

The thrusting and swirling motion will move up and down your penis, stimulating you with every stroke. With different modes and different speeds to choose from, you can choose how fast or slow you want it.

Hands-Free ( Stand Included) designed for an orgasmic experience this easy-to-use masturbation aid does practically all the work for you. In addition to all these exciting features, it even has a light-up display, for an incredible one-man show! Includes a USB cord so you can charge it on the go, just plug it into your nearest USB port to power up, making it the perfect companion for computer viewing.

  • Different speeds of swirling
  • Different speeds of rotation
  • Different Vibrating Speeds AND up and down stroking action, all in one!
  • Textured inner chamber with sensation feelers, and 4 windows on the sides that let you see all the action.
  • User-friendly control pad, with a constant stroking motion and unique rotation feature that adds a whole new dimension to masturbation.
  • USB charging

To use, just lube it up and insert your rod. Then turn on the stroker, select your speed, and let Mastor-Bot do all the work!


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