Riley Cup Vibrating Realistic Automatic Mastrubator


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Riley Cup Vibrating Realistic Automatic Mastrubator 

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Riley Automatic Piston Thrusting Masturbator Is The Peak Of Luxury When It Comes To Automatic Piston Mastrubators.

Riley Automatic Thrusting Piston Masturbator has vibrating and suction technology together with a sexy voice moaning button ( that can be switched on or off during your orgasmic sessions)

The Masturbator includes a suction cup stand that you can screw on if you don’t want to hold it in your hand..for more fun ..for example in the shower or thrust against it … anywhere … anytime…

The futuristic masturbator comes with the next generation piston thrusting technology that will make you scream from pleasure and mind-blowing vibrations & suction feel technology to help you achieve satisfaction every time you play.

Dive into sumptuously real feel material loaded with climax-inducing nubs, ripples, and bumps for mind-blowing sensations.

For top-of-the-line satisfaction, this luxury toy includes a stand that can stick to any hard flat surface for hands-free satisfaction.

Close your eyes and feel the 360-degree rotation & vibrating luxury real-feel masturbator sleeve satisfying your manhood all the way to orgasmic heaven.

With different piston thrusting modes, 360 turning spinning functions, 3 speeds, and 4 different patterns and vibration modes to choose from….this luxury toy has vibes, piston thrusting, and rotation technologies from mild to wild and orgasmic!

Riley Thrusting Vibrating Sucking Automatic Masturbator is super easy to clean and dry, with the case acting as a drying stand after play.

To use, simply open it, stick it onto any hard surface for hands-free play or alternatively, you can hold it without the stand…slide it into the hole at the end.. select your vibration, thrusting, and rotation modes…and hey presto, you’re away!

Be at ease we deliver discreetly, the item is covered in brown paper then inserted into courier packaging and delivered from ” online shopping” with no tags of an adult store.

From our exclusive Next Generation Thrusting Cup-Hand Free Collection.

  • Use with water-based lubricant.

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