Black and Red Master Erotica All In One BDSM Kit


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Features and Benefits:
13-piece BDSM kit for bedroom date nights
Great for couples looking to explore the world of bondage
Well-rounded kit with a nice variety of toys to choose from
Use the toys as a set or individually depending on your mood and desires

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Ignite your passion with our striking Black and Red Master Erotica All In One BDSM Kit. This 14-piece set combines bold, daring colours with premium materials for an unforgettable experience. Designed for both beginners and experienced players, this BDSM Set offers everything you need to explore the thrilling world of bondage play. From cuffs to collars and whips, immerse yourself in a world of sensual pleasure and unleash your deepest desires with this eye-catching collection.

If you're into rope play or shibari, we have a soft rope that's easy to twist and straighten. ? We've added an amazing padded collar with faux fur lining to protect the neck. The possibilities are endless!

The high-quality material used in crafting this set ensures a comfortable and secure fit, while the striking red and black design adds a unique flair to your play sessions. Each accessory is tailored to provide a customizable experience, allowing you to explore the depths of pleasure at your own pace. Dive into the world of dominance and submission with our unforgettable Red and Black Leather BDSM Kit and let your imagination take control.

What's in the set:

  • 2x  wrist cuffs with faux fur lining and adjustable buckles
  • 2x  leather ankle cuffs with faux fur lining and adjustable buckles
  • 2x  nipple clamps with bell balls
  • 1x  leather whip
  • 1x 4cm diameter PVC ball gag with adjustable leather straps
  • 1x 5m long soft rope
  • 1x blindfold
  • 1x adjustable leather collar and snap hook leash
  • 1x cross-tie bondage restraint
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