Nature Cock 10 Dual Layer Liquid Silicone Cock


9 months ago



If you love the feeling of a girthy penis inside of your favourite orifice, you’ll love our Double-Layered Liquid Silicone XL Dildo sex toy. This fabulous flesh flute feels just like the real thing, for solo play and couple’s fun that will last all night.

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This lifelike realistic dildo sex toy is made of double-layered liquid silicone, an innovative material that delivers an unparalleled realistic look and touch. Available in a humanlike flesh color, this dildo also features a pair of firm testicles, bulging veins on its shaft, and a fat pink tip. its the perfect dildo for women & men, we source the best dildos available online and in South Africa for your convenience.

At 25 cm long, this insertable toy has a generous 5.0 cm diameter and is equipped with a powerful suction-cup base. You can stick it onto any smooth surface to free up your hands for other naughty business!


This dildo’s innovative material has been specially designed to look and feel exactly like the skin of a man’s stiff member. Incredibly soft to the touch, this dildo will feel amazing against your most sensitive areas, as its double-layered structure makes it supple and rigid at the same time. The outer layer of silicone is incredibly gentle and yields to the slightest pressure, while the inner core of the dildo is made of a more rigid type of silicone for satisfying penetration. When you introduce this authentically-crafted dildo into the orifice of your choice, you’ll really feel like you’re being taken by a well-hung stud.


Both men and women will love the real feel and attractive appearance of our realistic dildos. This dildo perfectly replicates an erect penis, which should satisfy even the most discriminating dildo enthusiasts. This unisex insertable toy will be a most welcome addition to any collection of high-quality erotic accessories.

When used for solo play, this dildo delivers a delectable intimate massage to your favourite orifice, helping you achieve a mind-blowing orgasm. This particular model is supple enough to reach all of the hidden nooks and crannies of your anal or vaginal area. Best of all, this model is equipped with a powerful suction-cup base, so you can live out a totally hands-free experience during your solo session.

This dildo is also an awesome tool for couple’s play. Use this fantastic flesh flute during foreplay, or double penetration, to strengthen the sexy intimate bond that you share with your partner.

For increased comfort and realism, we highly recommend that you use a water-based lubricant from Adult Luxury, while enjoying this toy. It is very important that you only use a water-based lubricant while enjoying your silicone toys. Using other types of lubricant (oil-based, silicone-based, etc.) may damage your toy’s appearance and/or texture.

For your health and safety, we highly recommend that you clean this dildo with a high-quality toy cleaner both before and after every use. Using toy cleaner will help disinfect the dildo and extend the longevity of your toy, so you can enjoy its company for years to come.

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  1. Proudly made of dual layer liquid silicone
  2. Firm silicone inside, Ultra soft silicone outside
  3. Super real feel experience with this dildo which worth every inch
  4. A superior quality King-sized dildo built to give a lifetime of pleasure
  5. Material: liquid silicone, Phthalate free, latex free
  6. Total length: 10 inches (25.4cm ).
  7. Width: 2.0 inch (5.08cm)
  8. 8 cm in diameter for the silicone suction base

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