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Pump up your penile performance with the Power Penis Pump. Easy to use and effective with regular use, slide your penis into the pumping chamber and watch the vacuum draw blood into your erection, which may make it bigger and stronger for longer.

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Coat the opening of the pump with a generous splash of water-based lubricant, insert your penis and pump the bulb until you can feel a tightening around your member. Continue and enjoy the sensational feeling as the suction increases with every pump.

Improved blood flow could mean improved penis growth, staying power and intensity of climaxes.

To end your workout session, simply press the quick release button on the pump to release the air pressure.

For best results, use for 30 minutes per day with a break every 10 minutes. If pumping regularly, we recommend moisturizing after every use to avoid dryness.

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Key Features:

☆Trigger-style penis enlargement pump that boost your erection size

☆Cylinder marked with ruler so you can measure your progress

☆Simple to assemble and dissemble for cleaning and storage

☆Silicone entrance provides a comfortable, air-tight seal

☆Includes easy-use pump and safety guide

☆Next Day Express Delivery available

☆Industry Leaders

☆Discreet packaging

☆Safe Payments

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