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Finger Licking Satisfy Pro: 2 in 1 Vibrator bring double stimulation

This finger vibrator give you the real feeling of oral sex. Unlike other clitoral vibrators, this one can be inserted inside your body and used as a vibrating dildo. Stimulate your sensitive spots at the same time, bringing double pleasure. Click here to shop



This clitoral stimulate vibrator comes with 9 different powerful vibrating modes with different intensities for sexual stimulation. From gentle to wild, you can find the perfect mode for you!


Why choose this clitoral stimulator?

1.The clitoral vibrator has a simulating licking tongue with different licking patterns, to bring you a real oral sex experience

2.The top of the finger vibrator can be inserted for g-spot stimilation and has enough texture to enhance frictional pleasure for the perfect stimulation.

3.Soft and bendable, it is convenient for your lover to hold in his hand and find the most suitable pattern and position for you.

Features & details

☆Stimulate G spot and Clitoris at the same time: This clitoral licking toys can be used as a dildo vibrator to stimulate your G-spot ,while this licking tongue can stimulate the clitoris. It also use a soft and real feeling tongue that licks.

☆As like your lover stroking your G-spot it can lick your clitoris with a soft tongue. This allows you for both G-spot orgasms and clitoral orgasms, double stimulation! You will enjoy endless pleasure.

☆Curved Design and Textured Finger Tip: The finger tip of clitorals stimulator has a soft touch and a large enough friction surface texture to stimulate your G-spot perfect. This finger vibrator is very easy to adjust the position and perfect to quick seek G-spot because it can be hold with your lover finger. The vibrator can also be bent significantly.

☆9 Vibration Modes and 2 Motor: This orgasmic toy provides 9 different vibration modes and 9 different licking modes, you can adjust this vibrator intensity and enjoy various combination modes will bring you fantastic fun.

☆Two Motors: The 2 powerful motors stimulate your G-spot and clitoris, allowing for faster orgasms and a realistic oral sex experience perfect for couples foreplay or self entertainment.

☆High Quality Silicone Material: This G spot sex toys is made of high-level silicone material. It has a soft and elastic touch, 100% body safe!

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☆USB Magnetic Charging


☆Color: Black


☆Next Day Express Delivery available

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☆ Discreet, non-transparent packaging

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