Realistic Penis Extender Hollow Sleeve Dildo 8.5”


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The Best Realistic Hollow Dildo and Harness on the market in the world!

Built to deliver the most lifelike satisfaction for both partners.

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This innovative sex toy is incredibly lifelike with a realistic penis shaft and super soft penis glans that create authentic sensations to both partners.

The silicone hollow strap supports your erection perfectly, whilst its soft silicone tips pleases your partner with realistic humanlike sensations.

This hollow strap on, is the perfect choice for those who suffer from erectile dysfunction, as well as those looking for an instant erection size in length and girth.

The rigid surface retains its shape during sexual intercourse allowing the couple to enjoy the motions of sex despite erectile difficulties. He inserts the flaccid penis into the hollow dildo and fits the harness around his waist. The crotch area is open to let his testicles hang comfortably below.

This hollow dildo and harness for men combines enhanced comfort for both partners to assure your sex life continues to be stellar, even when ED affects intimacy.

The rubber dildo is hollow from tip to end and easy to bend. The rubber still feels sturdy however, it won’t collapse on its own and it does not require the man to become erect to keep it upright. You can squeeze the dildo inwards with your fingers, so we think it’s an agreeable compromise between stability and comfort.

The harness looks great on him, a manly looking design with stylish trim and high quality braided straps. A woman can wear this harness too  she’ll appreciate the crotchless styling leaving easy access to her naughty bits during sexual romps.

  • The Most comfortable Waistband for sizes 24-48 inches.
  • Designed to fit both men and women (waist sizes 24’’–48’’) with different body shapes and sizes.
  • The jock-style elastic waistband makes it the most comfortable strap-on, in the world and on the market.
  • 10 fasteners on the waistband
  • Adjustable Soft Velcro sides.

Key Features

  • Realistic
  • Comfortable
  • Soft enough on the outside and hard enough on the inside.
  • Super soft glans with a rigid stem.
  • Super real feel experience worth every inch!
  • The Hollow dildo is made from pure medical liquid silicone.
  • Length: 8.5 inch (21.59 cm)
  • Insertable length: 8 inch (20.32 cm)
  • Outer width: 2 inch (5.08 cm)
  • Inner width: 1.45 inch (3.68 cm)
  • Waistband Width 2 inch (5.08 cm).
  • Designed to fit both men and women (waist sizes 24”– 48”)

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