THE UPGRADE Vibrating Thrusting Spinning Dildo


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Introducing THE UPGRADE Vibrating Thrusting Spinning Dildo,  made to redefine your ultimate pleasure. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this dildo boasts a sleek and ergonomic form that effortlessly adapts to your body’s contours with its body-safe silicone. The smooth, body-safe silicone enhances the tactile experience, ensuring every touch is a symphony of pleasure. Whether you seek internal satisfaction or external stimulation, this versatile vibrator caters to your every whim.

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The powerful vibrations resonate through the core of this enchanting companion. Choose from a variety of 20 pulsating vibrations and intensities to suit your exact desire for ultimate stimulation and multiple orgasms, creating a personalized journey of bliss. The intuitive controls provide ease of use, allowing you to navigate through the sensations effortlessly.

Indulge in a realm of water play💦, as this pleasure device is not only rechargeable but also 100% IPX7 waterproof, opening the door to sensuous exploration beyond the confines of the bedroom. inviting you to explore realms of steamy passion beyond the boundaries of conventional pleasure. With a total length of 21.5 cm, an insertable length of 16 cm, and a diameter of 4 cm, it perfectly balances size and comfort, promising an intimate experience, tailored to your preferences.


  • Vibrating with Thrusting and Spinning
  • Wireless Remote Control!
  • 20 different Vibration Modes and frequencies
  • Premium Body Safe silicone for maximum comfortability
  • 7 x Thrusting telescoping modes
  • Hands-free, Strong Suction Cup so you can place it anywhere and let the adventure begin without holding it
  • 100% IPX7 waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable

Please clean it with our toy cleaner, which was specially developed for sex toy cleaning. Click here
After: rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry.
Do not use normal soap or household cleaners.

How to operate:

1. Press and hold the dildo start button for 1 to 2 seconds to turn on the device. At this time, the blue light stays on and enters standby mode.

2. Press and hold the remote control to turn it on. At this point, you can use the remote control to control the dildo.

Dildo operation:

1. Press and hold the power button for 1 to 2 seconds to turn on the device. At this time, the blue light stays on and enters standby mode. If there is no action for 10 minutes, the dildo will automatically shut down.

2. Single press the power button, and the product turns on the vibration and telescoping mode, and press it again to switch the frequency.

Remote control operation:

Up key: Control the vibration (short press the frequency conversion, a total of 7 frequencies) Long press to turn off this function.

Middle button: Control telescoping (short press frequency conversion, a total of 5 frequencies) Long press to turn off this function.

The remote control will enter the pause state when it is on standby for 10 minutes.

The Dildo is harness and strapon compatible. With all Adult Luxury Strapons.


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