Lush® Premium Kegel Balls


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Lush® Premium Kegel Balls

Get jiggy with these body safe medical silicone purple pleasure balls, tightening your pelvic floor as they tease your inner erogenous zones. The perfect size and weight for first-time users, wearing them could lead to stronger Kegel muscles and more intense orgasms.

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Made from pure medical food grade silicone with free-roaming weights for heightened sensations, these balls are perfect for solo use, or as a prelude to sex.

Simply coat them in water-based lubricant from Adult Luxury and insert one ball at a time, leaving the retrieval cord outside your body.

Wear as you go about your everyday chores to tone and strengthen your Kegel muscles, and enjoy discreet stimulation at the same time!

Key Features:

  • Midweight kegel balls for building a stronger vaginal pelvic floor
  • 45g and 90g weight offers an effective workout for those looking to increase their pelvic health
  • Internal free-roaming balls offer discreet extra thrills during wear, wherever you are
  • Silicone retrieval cord makes removal easy and straightforward
  • Regular kegel exercises can improve orgasms, sexual sensation and satisfaction.
  • Premium body-safe silicone
  • Food-level silicone meeting with FDA requirements.
  • Steady, durable materials and splendid colours with lasting color.
  • 100% Save
  • Ordor Free
  • Waterproof
  • CE Approved

Use alone or with your partner, for the ultimate power play dynamic.

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