Fantasy Thrusting Rose Vibrator


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Fantasy Thrusting Rose Vibrator

<h3><strong>Fantasy Thrusting Rose Vibrator</strong></h3> <div class="aplus-v2 mobile celwidget" data-csa-c-id="rjym9a-h0i3ph-36wy8m-nsn7eh" data-cel-widget="m-aplus"> <div class="celwidget aplus-module launchpad-company-logo aplus-standard" data-csa-c-id="kbtn83-9515l2-i1zc8g-10sqwr" data-cel-widget="aplus-m-launchpad-company-logo"> <div class="a-section a-text-center launchpad-module launchpad-module-company-logo">3 in 1 Rose vibrator to make all your fantasies come true! Orgasmic suction technology with strong vibrations to give you endless pleasure, and on the other side of the vibe you have a thrusting vibrator for the ultimate satisfaction. The Fantasy Rose vibrator can be used for G-Spot, Clitoris or anal pleasures&hellip;your imagination is the limit!</div> <div class="a-section a-text-center launchpad-module launchpad-module-company-logo"> <p>Use alone or with your partner, for the ultimate power play dynamic.</p> <div class="a-cardui feature" data-a-card-type="basic" data-cel-widget=""> <div id="aplus3p_feature_div" class="a-section a-spacing-none" data-feature-name="aplus3p" data-template-name="aplus3p"> <div class="aplus-v2 mobile celwidget" data-csa-c-id="rjym9a-h0i3ph-36wy8m-nsn7eh" data-cel-widget="m-aplus"> <div class="celwidget aplus-module 3p-module-b aplus-standard" data-csa-c-id="qke9s9-ybeyaa-zxbxu-1b49o8" data-cel-widget="aplus-m-3p-module-b"> <h3 class="a-spacing-mini"><strong>Functions: Clitoral sucking vibrator shaped like a rose. Stylish and romantic design, perfect gift for yourself or a friend.</strong></h3> </div> <div class="celwidget aplus-module 3p-module-b aplus-standard" data-csa-c-id="qke9s9-ybeyaa-zxbxu-1b49o8" data-cel-widget="aplus-m-3p-module-b">Orgasmic pleasures with 10 diffrent vibrating modes, 10 x suction modes and thrusting technology.</div> </div> </div> </div> <div class="a-cardui feature" data-a-card-type="basic" data-cel-widget=""> <div id="featureBulletsAndDetailBullets_feature_div" class="a-section a-spacing-none" data-feature-name="featureBulletsAndDetailBullets" data-template-name="featureBulletsAndDetailBullets"> <h3><strong>Features &amp; details</strong></h3> <div id="featurebullets_secondary_view_div" class="a-section"> <div id="feature-bullets" class="a-section a-spacing-small"> <ul> <li><span class="a-list-item">Rose Vibrator: The clitoris sucking vibrator is shaped like a rose. It is stylish and portable, USB charging for easy travels.</span></li> <li><span class="a-list-item">10 Intense Vibrating And Suction Modes: The rotating airflow created by the internal vibration can be used for orgamsic suction of the clitoris, helping you to reach a orgasm in a short time.&nbsp;</span>With just one click, you can easily change patterns and modes.</li> <li>Trusting function: For effortless handsfree play enjoy the stimilation of the dildo part moving up and down inside for explosive orgasm.</li> <li><span class="a-list-item">G-spot Vibrating Double Pleasure &ndash; When enjoying clitoral sucking, the vibrating egg can be inserted into the vagina to stimulate the G-spot or act as a vibrating anal plug. The instant orgasm of double stimulation is sure to make you scream! You can switch either end to tease the clitoris and nipples. It can also be used for foreplay, your imagination is the limit!</span></li> <li><span class="a-list-item">Safe &amp; Silky Smooth Silicone: Made from medical 100% body safe silicone.</span></li> <li><span class="a-list-item">Silent design: Play anywhere and anytime discreetly without a vibe that makes a noise.</span></li> <li><span class="a-list-item">100% Waterproof IPX7</span></li> <li><span class="a-list-item">Discreet pakage &amp; reliable service</span></li> </ul> <p><em><strong>GIVE YOURSELF THE ORGASM YOU DESERVE!</strong></em></p> <p>☆Next Day Express Delivery available</p> <p>☆Industry Leaders</p> <p>☆Safe Payments</p> <p>☆&nbsp;<strong>Discreet, non-transparent packaging</strong></p> <p><em><strong>In Stock Order Now!</strong></em></p> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div>