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What a surprise we have for you here! This is the majestic luxurious heated vibrator you have been asking and waiting for. Bask in all its glory as it delights you in every way possible. Fire up your next masturbation experience or sex-toy time with the luxurious Exotic Heat Master! 

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Exotic Heat Master is the latest and most advanced thrusting warming clitoris stimulating vibrator on the market. This rechargeable vibrator is a four in one futuristic REAL FEEL sex toy.

It is a vibrator with a clitoris stimulation together with a Thrusting function that create a sensation unlike any other sex toy and heats up with the push of a button, within minutes! You can experience a lifelike, extremely realistic sensation inside or outside your body using this innovative vibrator.

The functions can be used separate or in combination with each other.

The heated vibrating luxurious Exotic Heat Master enflames your desires with a vibe that adds stimulating pleasures and arousing features that few vibrators can match. Feel the hot and intensifying choice of 9 different vibrations with this very luxurious vibrator: its super realistic lifelike skin covers an exquisitely detailed body.

Choose your settings and feel the powerful shaft lunging for your G-spot again and again while the exotic vibrators ears stimulates your clitoris, rocket you and your clitoris to the moon.

This premium toy’s fully waterproof orgasm squirting machine that you can customize to suit your mood, using one, two , three or ALL four functions.

As you’d expect, its two designer ears tease and stimulate your clitoris while the exotic heat master satisfy your inner G-spot with 9 speeds and 9 patterns.

The futuristic third function can be used in combination with the other functions or solo, it conceals an internal pneumatic thruster to increase your arousal via customize different increasingly exciting penetration speeds. You’ll almost believe it’s the real thing.

The Exotic Heat Master is a luxurious vibrator with a difference  it’s the latest Vibrator in luxury sex toys with warm heating functions. It brings a whole new meaning to heating things up in the bedroom: this revolutionary new sex toy enables you to experience warm sensations from your vibrator, leaving other toys literally out in the cold.

There used to be nothing better than the warmth of a hot lover… until Exotic Heat Master came along. This gently warming vibrator is sizzling fun in the sack and is a must-have for winter.

Enjoy its warm, cold, soft and firm sensations on demand: your body, your choice.

The Exotic Heat Master is USB rechargeable, and is made out of premium medical grade silicon. Waterproof IPX5. It has an ergonomic design with CE safety certification and RoHS authentication.

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