The Performer Pro 3 in 1 Sucking Vibrator


1 year ago



The Performer Pro 3 in 1 Clitoral Sucking Vibrator with a G- Spot stimulator.

The Performer Pro Sucking Vibrator is a 3-in-1 combination orgasmic toy that will fulfill all your sexual desires!

This exclusive up-market vibrator has multiple sucking modes, pulsating modes, and 10 strong vibration modes. It was designed with a unique shape that has Bio Air technology to stimulate your clitoris and a pulsating movement in the middle to satisfy the perfect spot inside the vagina with the perfect curve on the tip of the vibrator for the best G-Spot stimulation you could ever dream of! Click here to shop

Why Choose this The Performer Pro Stimulator?

  1. Bio Air functions with vibrations: This vibe gives you a real oral sex feeling against your clitoris. Different than other clitoral sucking vibrators: It can also be inserted, to give you internal stimulation against the perfect spots that increase sexual desire and bring you to a climax fast.
  2. Includes 5 pulsating stimulation modes in the middle of the vibrator for the ultimate G-Spot orgasm.
  3. 10 strong vibrations, choose the speed and power you desire. Ranging from mild to wild. A vibrating speed and intensity for every mood! Slow and romantic, sexy and playful or wild and hard for the stressful days … when you need power and strength to release all tension thru a heavy orgasm. Click here to shop 
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