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Use The Pure Pleasures Finger Vibrator and do away with manual masturbation using your hand or middle finger. For solo play or couples fun.

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The Pure Pleasures Finger Vibrator has a bigger rounder tip than other finger vibrators for the greedy ones that want more and faster orgasms 😉

Do not underestimate this vibrator’s ability to give pleasure, because, despite its compact size, the satisfaction it will provide is immeasurable against other finger vibrators. With the powerful motor vibrator inside this 100% body-safe medical silicone massager, will throb and tickle your pleasure areas rigorously.

This sex toy is made from 100% medical silicone so it is body-safe and is also silky smooth and soft, making it comfortable and exciting to reach orgasm, hassle-free, and quickly.

It comes with a USB fast charger that makes it convenient to recharge without the hassle of batteries dying on you. An hour and-a-half charge will give you 4 continuous hours of pleasure before the next charge.

It is also a powerful sex tool in turning your partner on during foreplay. You can provide simultaneous stimulation by giving him or her oral sex. While doing this:  you can place your finger with the vibrator on, over your partner’s neck, nipples, or anus.

Why stress your fingers, only to achieve a not-so-satisfying orgasm? Let yourself loose and experience masturbation at its finest with this sexy adult toy!

Waterproof for wet and wild fun options

This Pure Pleasures Finger vibrator is easy to clean and the sleeve is IPX7 waterproof. You’ll love the incredible climax this fantastic silicone vibrator happily provides!

For solo play or couples play.

☆ Portable

☆ Silent design

☆ IPX7 waterproof

☆ Made out of premium-grade silicon

☆ FDA-approved material

☆ It has an ergonomic design

☆ CE safety certification

☆ RoHS authentication

Features & details

☆Curved and Rounded Tip – The curved rounded tip targets you or your partner’s sweet spots for precise pleasure, while the ribbed ticklers are there to add further stimulation that will take you to heaven!

☆Vibrations – The clitoral stimulator offers you thrilling sensations! Slip it on your finger, switch it on and let the games begin!

☆100% IXP7 Waterproof

☆USB Fast Charging

☆You can escape your busy life to enjoy this teeny toy and let wave after wave of pleasure wash over you!

☆Super Soft Silicone – Made of premium, flexible medical silicone, this finger vibrator is silky-smooth and body-safe; great for the most incredible stimulation.

☆Easy to use – Adult Luxury’s finger vibrator is easy to use.This is a great way to spice up solo play and foreplay!


☆Next Day Express Delivery available

☆Industry Leaders

☆Safe Payments

☆ Discreet, non-transparent packaging

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