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The Latest in sucking combo vibrator. The Screaming Big O Vibes® Sucking Vibrator is a game changer.

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The Screaming Big O Vibes® futures the latest pulse sucking rhythm technology with 2 in 1 vibrating motors.

We are obsessed with everything about this toy! It has multiple uses with the latest version of 10 different pulse sucking rhythms and 10 different vibrating modes! Equipt with the latest USB charging technology and made out of 100% body safe material.

The suction component of the mouth of the toy, isolates and pulses against your clit to mimic oral sex. The squirrel shaped vibe is also waterproof and curved (presumably for easier internal leverage), so it’s a two-in-one. And most impressively, stands up on its own. Most sex toys roll off a surface.

The front part can be used on your clitoris for those that enjoy clit stimilation orgasms (vacuum & vibration technologies seperate or together), or inserted (tail part) in the vagina with the back end of the squirrel against the clit for double Clit & G- Spot Stimilation at the same time.

The vibe can also be used in couples foreplay to stimilate her nipples & hot spots with vibrations and suction / or used to get her in the mood. Alternatively it can be used on him for erotic play on his penis or balls.

Due to the shape and bendable material the The Screaming Big O Vibes® can also be inserted in the anus for back door action.

Use alone or with your partner, for the ultimate power play dynamic.Get yours today, you will be smiling for DAYS ! ! ! Click here to shop

  • 100% Original Quility Brand
  • Cute and beautiful squirrel appearance,smooth texture shell, bright color.
  • High quality silicone material,waterproof, soft, smooth, comfortable touching.
  • 10 frequency sucking, 10 frequency vibration, Bringing you the most stimulating enjoyment of the orgasm
  • Material: ABS + Silicone
  • Modes:10 Frequency Sucking and 10 Different Frequency Vibrations
  • Power: USB rechargeable
  • Size: As the picture shows


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