3 in 1 Curve Double Wand Vibrator


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The cordless Magic Curve Double Wand is a 3 in 1 Vibrator with a Sex Wand Massager. The Magic Wand Curve offers smooth, soothing vibrations without compromising on power, and features two lightweight, curved handles to give you the ability to twist, tilt and turn it during massage and play.

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Double Vibrating handles with a sex wand massager on the other end gives you tripple the pleusure of any other vibrator.

With its velvety smooth silicone surface, intuitive double curved stimilators for your clitoris and G- spot, a wand massage head and 18 individually adjustable vibration settings for tailored pleasure, the sensations of Magic Curve Double Wand are truly magical.

Winner of the AD Toy Testers Award for Excellence in Product Design and Feel, Magic Curve Double Wand boast premium style, high-quality silicone and a rechargeable motor.

Apply a generous serving of water-based lubricant from Adult Luxury, then roll the head over tired shoulders or your clitoris and G-Spot and other sensitive spots to take full advantage of its array of pleasure settings


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