14″ King Size Realistic Double Dildo


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If you never used a double ended dildo before, you are in for a treat. Double the fun and surprisingly easy to use especially for couples to play together ( Straight or gay couples : for one partner to play with the other partner and enjoy the view of a life time or alternatively use it together and share the orgasmic vibes!) Double Dildos might look intimidating on first glance, but we promise they’re really not. If you’re into penetration and like using dildos, you can try using one with your partner, or by yourself.

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This double dildo is even more fun and easier to use the others because it is flexible, long and has a It has two ends of realistically styled penis with a rounded penis tip. This dildo is made from a firm, flexible body safe silicone material that bends with you and your partner to ensure your complete comfort at all times during use. This realistic ended dildo is the perfect toy for double penetration during solo sessions, or with a partner.

How to use the double dildo:

It’s important to moisten each end of your dildo with a water-based lube to make penetration as comfortable (and enjoyable)

How you use your double-ended dildo depends on whether you are on a solo quest, or if you want to share the double fun.

If you’re flying solo, this flexible double-ended dildo is perfect and easy to get to grips with. It may feel long and unfamiliar at first, but by bending and twisting it you’ll find that it becomes very easy and for some more comfortable then a normal dildo – and you can use both ends vaginally and anally. If it’s your first time exploring with anal toys, choosing the side with slimmer end for easier penetration.

There are two main ways to use your double dildo, but there are many variations that you can try, too.

1) Lie on your back, with a cushion or two under your hips and spread your legs comfortably. Insert one end of the double dildo slowly, then bend the other end of it up towards you to use as a handle and to guide the thrust of it.

2) Bend the dildo into a ‘U’ shape and rest it against a surface with each end facing upwards. Squatting over it, gently guide one head into the anus and the other into the vagina. You will then be able to bounce on the dildo and achieve full, fulfilling double penetration. If you’re playing together, then simply lie close to each other and both partners insert a end of the dildo into the vagina or anus.

Use the remote to set the vibes, and different modes. Endless fun and orgasms!

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☆Premium body-safe material

☆100% Save

☆Ordor Free

☆100% Waterproof

☆CE Approved

Use alone or with your partner, for the ultimate power play dynamic.


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☆Industry Leaders

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☆ Discreet, non-transparent packaging

☆Lifelike feel & Premium Quility

☆ Size: 36cm x 4.1cm

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