Curves Premium Luxury Vibrator


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Curves Premium Luxury Vibrator sex toy offers you the pleasures of G- Spot and clitoris stimulations with orgasmic curves that will satisfy all your desires.

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Ride the waves of pleasure with this bliss-curved rabbit shaped vibrator for women. With 9 different vibration modes and a designer handle to hold it comfortably during use, this smooth silicone toy is your magic weapon for blended internal and external climaxes.

Curves Premium Luxury Vibrator is super quiet, no waking up the kids or roommates when you play in the room next door.

Indulge in its powerful vibrating motion, as it delivers clitoral stimulation while reaching the G-spot with ease.

This whisper-quiet creation boasts a sleek, sculpted tip, and powerful pulsations for enhanced G-spot clitoral sensations.

Rechargeable and IPX7 waterproof, the Curves Premium Luxury Vibrator has a firm but flexible design to complement your body perfectly.

This toy can be used for edging – when you bring yourself or your partner close to orgasm, stop or slow down before orgasm is reached, then build back up to approach orgasm again. You can repeat this as many times as you like. Some people find this technique can help to delay and/or increase the intensity of their orgasm.

For the most gratifying experience, use with lashings of water-based lubricant from Adult Luxury.

☆Made from 100% body safe silicone.

☆USB Rechargeable rabbit shaped vibrator

☆With designer curves for extra stimilating motion and sculpted tip for delicious dual stimulation

☆Tapered tip for targeted G-spot massage, and flexible stimulator for clitoral massages

☆9 Different vibrating settings offer tailored arousal


☆100% IPX7 Waterproof ( please make sure the charging point is completely dry before charging the vibe)

☆Use alone or with your partner, for the ultimate power play dynamic.

☆Next Day Express Delivery available

☆Industry Leaders

☆Discreet packaging

☆Money Back Guarantee

☆Safe Payments

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