Indulgence Rose Licking Vibrator Ladies Sex Toy


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Indulgence Rose Licking Vibrator

This 3 in 1 Premium Rose Multifunctional Vibrator Will Bring You To The Unlimited Climax. If you enjoy penetrative sex but need to stimulate the clitoris to orgasm this is the toy for you!

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The vibrator has 2 x orgasmic vibrating heads and a tongue-licking function. The rose head will satisfy your clitoris with orgasmic pleasures with licking and vibration and the tail part can be inserted into the vagina for heavenly G- Spot stimulation. Or be used for anal pleasures.

It is easy to operate and be used separately or together and can be controlled by different buttons. It can be used at the same time or alone, so as to stimulate the G-Spot, clitoris, nipples, breasts, anus, and other sensitive parts in all directions, offering you duel stimulation where you choose.

9 Powerful Modes

The rose vibrator has 9 different licking modes and 9 different vibration modes. With different vibrations and tongue-licking speeds to choose from.

Unique and Elegant Design

The unique and elegant design of the Indulgence Rose can bring out a romantic atmosphere and give you a dreamlike feeling. At the same time, you can put it as a rose artwork on display, no one knows its true purpose, thus eliminating the embarrassment if the kids find it.

USB Magnetic Charging

The Indulgence Rose vibrator comes with a fast-charging magnetic USB cable, which can last for 65 minutes after charging for 2 hours

Exquisite Gifts for Lovers

This vibrator is beautifully designed and packaged by Adult Luxury. You can buy her flowers and put the rose inside as part of the display to give it to your lover. It will definitely be a big satisfying surprise!

100% Waterproof

The 100% waterproof design of this luxurious vibrator makes it easy to clean and use, adding more underwater entertainment to you, bringing you unlimited comfort, and worthy of your trust and possession.

Features & details

  • Multifunctional Vibrator – 3 in 1 design combined visual beauty and physical comfort, bringing you to enjoy a realistic feeling and multiple ways to use it on different exotic zones of the body.
  • 9 Powerful Modes – The Indulgence Rose vibrator has 9 different licking and vibrating modes.
  • Easy button operation to use the technologies separately or together.
  • Unique & Elegant Rose Design – The vibrator consists of a rose-shaped suction and an egg-shaped vibration with a licking function.
  • The overall appearance is like a rose artwork, which eliminates the embarrassment caused by sex toys if someone finds it and protects your private life.
  • Charging – The Indulgence Rose has a USB fast magnetic charging port and cable (Included in the package)
  • Waterproof: The rose stimulator is waterproof and easy to clean and use.
  • Discreet package and reliable service: Everything is designed for your maximum comfort and to protect your privacy from payments to shipping labels and packaging.
  • Color: Pink

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